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Yellow Lab Runs Rings Down the Aisle for Parents Wedding

An Unforgettable Wedding for Diane and Tom

Yellow lab at wedding
Diane and Tom greet their yellow lab, Samantha, during their wedding

All love stories are touching and special, but there are some that just stick with you forever. The story of Diane and Tom is one of them.

At the age of 70, Diane and Tom had been together longer than they hadn't. They have shared a lifetime of memories growing up together and experiencing life, the highs and the lows and the aches and the pains. They are each other's best friends, along with their treasured yellow lab, Samantha. 

Samantha Joy's parents contacted me after reading an article about Plus the Pups in the Boulder Lifestyle Magazine. They shared that they had been together for years and finally decided to get married! Their 6 month old yellow lab, Samantha, was their love and joy, and they couldn't imagine their wedding day without her by their side.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Diane, Tom and Samantha, so we arranged a time for me to come over and talk with them about the process and get to know their pup.

Training Samantha

When I first met Tom and Diane, I could tell their love was strong for each other as well as for their sweet girl. As we got to talking, T + D proceeded to tell me that they had already been practicing with Samantha for the wedding.  

They had been working in their backyard to train her to run their rings down the aisle all by herself. I watched Samantha run back and forth on command with a small blue satchel held loosely in her mouth. I knew immediately that this would be a wedding I would never forget. 

Everyone Needs a Yellow Lab 

As wedding preparations were made and the details came together, it was no question that this wedding would be special for everyone involved. When the day arrived, I was so excited to be the plus one to Samantha, helping keep her comfortable and happy as well as prepared for her special role in the ceremony.

The moment arrived for Samantha to bring the rings and every guest awed and ooo-ed. She looked majestic running down the aisle and was so proud to do her job so perfectly. It was in that moment that I think everyone was thinking, “Wow, a yellow lab is the perfect dog!”

Yellow lab carries rings
Samantha waits to bring rings down the aisle

Diane and Tom were married by the officiant with Samantha by their sides and there was no dry eye in that backyard. The celebration to follow was one of the happiest I’d ever seen!

Including Your Pup for an Unforgettable Wedding Day

Dog in wedding
Include your pup in your wedding

Despite every wedding I’ve ever been to being romantic and special in its own way, the weddings I’ve attended that have a pup included are much more meaningful. Every guest and every couple is smiling just a bit brighter as they witness the love and affection to and from the pup (or pups!) It’s something everyone should have the chance to witness or experience. 

If you would like to have your pup included in your wedding, we would be honored to support you in that wish! Connect with us to learn about our process, details, and pricing.

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