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A Beautiful Dog-Inclusive Telluride, CO Wedding

Bella and Will: A Perfect Day With Their Pup by Their Side

Happy couple with dog at wedding
Beautiful dog-inclusive Colorado wedding

We all know how beautiful a wedding ceremony can be. From the giddy smiles on the couple to the beaming friends and family, the romantic flowers to the heartwarming music. I (Hollie, from the Plus the Pups team!) love weddings for so many reasons and the details make it all so magical!

One of the best details to ever come into play during a wedding ceremony is the addition of a sweet pup to honor and support the couple-to-be-wed. Whether the dog once belonged to one member of the couple exclusively, and then became the fur-child to both, OR they joined together to become dog parents during their courtship, I love the sweetness of a couple who brings their pup into their wedding.

That’s why I was so grateful to be asked to help with Malo for Bella and Will’s wedding ceremony. This gorgeous, white, fluffy Samoyed was the star of the show from the moment the music began! And I got to be Malo’s date throughout it all!

The Star of the Ceremony

Tucked atop the San Juan Mountains in beautiful Telluride, CO, Bella and Will were set to be married surrounded by friends and family on the most gorgeous, slightly overcast day. Every detail was planned and executed perfectly and it was time for the ceremony to begin.

W + B wanted their fur baby, Malo, to bring the rings down the aisle (how fun, right?) However, they wanted this to be a complete secret from all of the guests. I love any chance to surprise the guests with something out of the ordinary. I knew this would be just perfect!

Before the ceremony, I tied the couple’s rings on a string, then around Malo’s collar, and checked that it was secure approximately every five seconds. We waited as the groom, bridesmaids, and other family members walked the aisle and were seated, then Malo and I took our seats. 

Dog walking down the aisle at wedding
Malo walks down the aisle

I proceeded to give him lots of love and attention during the ceremony. Once W + B exchanged vows, their officiant asked for the rings, as they do. Only W did have them, and neither did his best man. 

The crowd started to get a little stiff and uncomfortable, thinking it was a classic mistake. Until the officiant said, "Let's ask Malo if he's seen them!" 

It was then that I walked him right over to W, where he proceeded to try to detach the rings from Malo's collar. It took some time to detach the rings (small strings are tricky!) Every single person there was laughing with joy over the surprise. But it was a memory everyone walked away with, especially the newly wed couple.

Wedding rings on dog collar
Untying the wedding rings from Malo's dog collar

Dog-Inclusive Weddings Bring Extra Joy

Not only were Bella and Will grateful for the chance to give tribute to a special part of their relationship (their Malo), but the audience enjoyed the special touch, demonstrating the uniqueness of this couple and their pet and how close the three of them are.

Dog-inclusive weddings are such a fun way to bring extra joy and excitement to a wedding. They help everyone relax and they often ease anxiety for all. 

If you’re considering having your pup be a part of your wedding, don’t debate it another second! Your pup can absolutely bring smiles, less stress, and extra fun to such a special day. All you need is the perfect pet attendant and you are set! 

Dog at wedding
Dogs bring extra fun to a wedding

We would love to help you make your wedding day extra magical with your pup. Reach out to us to discuss making it happen and we can assure you that you won’t regret it! 

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